2021 Project Management Salary Report Australia 

What are your project management skills worth?

Your industry, experience, location, and the state of the employment market all play a role and we look at how the combination of all of these factors drive your worth in our report. 



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2021 Project Management Salary Report Australia 

Download the report based on the 2021 AIPM Project Management Professional Survey where nearly 1,400 project managers shared their salary and employment details. 


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This report includes:

✓ The state of the job market in Australia according to industry leaders 

✓ Project salaries by industry 

✓ Project salaries by state 

✓ Project salaries by job title 

Project salaries by years of experience



The state of the Project Management job market in Australia



According to our panel of industry leaders, employment in Australia is rebounding strongly after the recent recession. Job vacancies are at record highs and employers are lamenting the lack of workers. With domestic demand so strong and borders closed, employers can’t boost numbers like they used to.

A lift in wages may be an inevitable consequence of a tight labour market as companies are forced to pay more for the skills they need. This makes it a great time for project professionals to consider their position and take advantage of potential wages growth.



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