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This eBook includes:

✓ What successful project planning looks like

✓ How you can build a business case with clear benefits

✓ Why organisational support and sponsorship are essential

✓ How you can improve your project’s efficiency

Why project management training is so important

Before we kick off, a bit of an overview of how these key insights came to life:


As project managers our ultimate goal is to deliver our projects to a high quality, within the designated timeframe and budget. Sounds pretty simple right? However, as we all know projects don’t always go to plan and hiccups can occur along the way.

In this eBook we will provide you with 5 key insights that are essential to consider when you’re planning your next project and that will help improve your project delivery.

These insights have come as a result of research from the School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University, which was supported by the Australian Institute of Project Management.

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